Helen Lynam

Helen spent her first career as an Engineer with British Airways, rising to Senior Manager. Having lost one close member of her family to chronic disease she was inspired to study nutrition when another close family member overcame a dire prognosis through dietary changes and supplementation.

As a Nutritional Therapist Helen for nearly 20 years, Helen has a busy private clinic seeing clients with a range of health challenges. Having spent 12 years working with Chronic Fatigue and ME at the Optimum Health Clinic, including as Director of Nutrition, she now specialises in Long Covid whilst continuing to support those clients with whom she has established long working relationships over many years. As her practice is pretty full, Helen now only takes on new clients with Long Covid. Helen also does corporate training and coaching combining her Nutrition, NLP and corporate experiences.

Helen has been a supervisor with CPD-UK for 3 years, building on her experience as lecturer and supervisor at CNELM for 7 years. Helen is known for her tenacity and determination to get to the root of a problem, always done with a sense of humour and lightness of touch, which can help make the process enjoyable.