Fiona Mealing

Fiona Mealing was born into a vegetarian family where health was a regular topic as her father was particularly interested in nutrition and health.  After her teenage years Fiona rekindled her interest in food and nutrition and when pregnant with her first child came across “The Better Pregnancy Diet” by Patrick Holford which built on this interest.  One day a friend said “we had someone come and lecture on our course today and she was a Nutritional Therapist”  and that was it, Fiona made a phone call to the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and applied for their Nutritional Therapy Course and hasn’t looked back.

Since qualifying in 1999 from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Fiona has seen several thousand clients with a multitude of health conditions. Fiona feels as passionate about nutrition today as she did when she qualified (if not more so) and loves the fact that this therapy empowers people to help themselves to get better and keep well. Fiona would say that the occupation she trained for has changed considerably in the last 20 years as the profession has matured and become more evidence-based incorporating a ‘functional medicine’ approach.

Since qualifying Fiona has lectured at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and lectured on the Dietary Advisors Course for Morley College for several years, and has been a BANT accredited clinical supervisor. She has also broadcast on BBC Radio Suffolk and SGR as well as having been featured in several local papers.

As well as keeping up with current CPD, Fiona has also completed Ben Lynch’s Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics course and the Practitioner Training for Re.Code 2.0 with Professor Dale Bredesen.  Fiona started off her career working very broadly although over the years this has become narrower working specifically with autoimmune thyroid issues, adrenal and hormonal issues as well as digestive health and has had a keen interest for some time in the area of cognition.