Emma Stiles

Emma Stiles BSc (hons) PGCHE FBANT rCNHC

From early in her life Emma Stiles always had a keen interest in food, cooking for her family from age 7. She trained as a chef and worked in Central London for several years, with the Conran Restaurant group. This led to a deeper interest in how food worked with the body.

After completing a BSc in Nutritional Therapy at the University of Westminster she went on to become a Senior Lecturer and Senior Clinic Supervisor at Westminster for 14 years. This teaching and supervision lead to experience in a very wide range of clinical subjects through casework in clinic with the students.

During that time she opened her own consultancy where she has worked with various charities holding talks about food and nutrition. She has worked with several school catering teams improving school dinners for pupils and been a trainer for both school cooks and childminders, plus she continues to see clients in her own practice. She also has corporate clients working in recipe development, staff training, and nutrition consultations. 

Emma was Chair of BANT for 5 years and started the CPD process within the organisation. Emma has been a BANT Accredited Professional Supervisor since 2017, running online and face-to-face supervision groups where practitioner development is the cornerstone of a thriving practice. 

Emma is a founder of CPD-UK, alongside Ruth Taylor. They started the company as they wanted to maintain the Supervision scheme and offer practitioners a space for growth and development.